About NoiseMP3.com

NoiseMP3.com is out to provide noiseheads with a source of legal mp3s from some of the finest practitioners in the genre of harshnoise. What sets this site apart from other mp3 sites is that we will focus only on harshnoise that way you, the listener, don't have to wade through a bunch of non-noise swill to find the choice tracks.

The Harshnoise label was active from 2002 through 2008. During those years, the label pumped out one excellent harshnoise release after another from some of the world's finest noise artists. During the early years, it was operated by both Tim Oliveira (Stimbox) and Bob Scott (Xome) but eventually Tim took over the whole operation while Bob concentrated on other endeavors. Artists were selected by invitation only to do a piece for the label making Harsnoise a consistently reliable source for the best noise releases. This web site serves also as an informational archive for the now inactive label.

If you have any questions, comments, whatever.. Visit our contact page. It's all good.