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Noiseman433 is Jon Silpayamanant. Born in Thailand and raised in the US, Jon is a classically-trained cellist turned apostate in the mid nineties when he realized there was more to music than scales and arpeggios and Mozart. Jon now engages in various forms of cultural terrorism--whether it be violent performance art or brutal noise created by abusing scrap metal and manipulating pedals and effects boxes--and continues to explore the extreme in every genre of art.

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Tracks by Noiseman433

"elle a chaud au cul"
by Noiseman433
"Tattooed Headsman"
by Noiseman433
"Ase's Def"
by Noiseman433
"I'll rip yer fuckin' head off (pt 2)"
by Noiseman433
"capitalist colonial machine"
by Noiseman433