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I started playing guitars in 1985 in a local hardcore band until 1998 (we played with Sick Of It All , Die Toten Hosen, and a lotta local bands), then I start to deform Casiotones, causes my influences was electronic stuff, the first vinyl I got was Jean Michel Jarre China Concerts and Kraftwerk The Robots. But I liked a lot metal so I started buying some drum machines and Casiotones, distorting and collapsing the sounds. Time before i discovered some noise stuff in some bands, kinda Controlled Bleeding and some more. So I got interested in noise and I started to buy noise stuff mostly Merzbow and Masonna , then I discovered the Euopean noise movement. Now I'm also playing in a grindcore band. I'm fascinated with noise. It's more agressive than other music and also you can find it more peaceful too. I play many times live in Argentina, but people don't understand Noise at least.

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Tracks by Lilith's Son

"My Own Victim"
by Lilith's Son
"Trip/Trap Trance"
by Lilith's Son


Releases by Lilith's Son on Harshnoise

Self-Induced Taenia Saginata
Lilith's Son - Self-Induced Taenia Saginata
Released 2003-01-07
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