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INDUSTRIA MASOQUISTA was born March 17 of 1997 after some splits made by E.A.T.M. (dead now) I incorporated new ideas to this project and a best sound. I. M. musical sounds are very different on each work. At the first recordings I used analog pedal BOSS DS-1 Distortion, water, homemade equipments with metal, wood & plastic. After sometime I got 1 Multitrack Tascam Porta 05 and later I got 1 Dr. Sample SP-202 Boss + 2 analog DOD pedals. I. M. recordings sometimes rhythmical sounds & statics taked from a contact mics. with a distortion. I like to get the best ambient with my equipment. INDUSTRIA MASOQUISTA live performances coming from 2002. I.M. live performances are most deep sounds that I find from my voice and also I like work with a constant manipulation of my equipments and make that the sounds lengthen until I feel a saturation on my mind. My last performances were on Lima Peru with Zbigniew Karkowski.

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Tracks by Industria Masoquista

"Bajo el Espejo"
by Industria Masoquista
"Sunday 04:30am"
by Industria Masoquista
"Dedicated to Camargo Barbosa"
by Industria Masoquista
"Fragmentos Part 1"
by Industria Masoquista
"Melodia Suicida"
by Industria Masoquista